Sunday, May 10, 2015

JBS Rescinds Right To Life Article V Amendment Proposals

A little bit of history to provide context and info for those that care about the unborn. Time to expose a dirty little secret that few know about. The image you see here is a chart that shows the 19 states that fully passed Article V applications for a Convention of States limited to proposing a single "Right to Life" amendment between 1974 and 1980. They began doing this right after the abominable Supreme Court decision in Roe v Wade in order to have the states end run the feckless and pathetic United States Congress in order to propose a single specific "Right to Life" amendment to the United States Constitution. This was moving along and gaining a lot of steam....remember....35 states had abortion statutes erased with the single stroke of Roe. What I want you to just like they are doing today....they did back then....the fear mongers in the John Birch Society initiated a massive campaign of fear and successfully convinced state after state to rescind their Article V applications.

Think about many babies would have survived the holocaust that has butchered over 60 million little children in the ensuing years? We will never know....with the sentiment in the states immediately following is very possible that there would have been a successful Article V COS and we would have passed a Right to Life amendment reversing Roe the way the founders intended for our system to work. But we will never time someone tells you they are associated with the John Birch Society...."thank them" for what they have done.

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