Thursday, February 25, 2016

John Birch Society has Blood on Their Hands

I think anyone that knows me well will tell you that I am a history freak. I realize that not everyone shares that passion, but there are times that behoove all of us to be aware of things that have gone on in history. If you are pro life and if you are sickened by the perverse and horrific 1973 Supreme Court decision in the landmark case of Roe v. Wade....I ask you to consider the following: 

In the 1973 Supreme Court decision in the case of Roe v Wade, 7 robed men codified government sanctioned infanticide. The United States Supreme Court literally made up the right to chop up little unborn babies. They went so far as to tell us that they found this right in the Penumbras (Shadows) of the Constitutional text. What most people do not know, is that following this atrocious ruling, there was an enormous push from the states to get the United States Congress to propose a Right to Life amendment to the United States Constitution. The United States Congress of course... sat on those requests and did nothing. Many people are also unaware of the fact that at about the very same time, there was a very strong movement in the states to call for a Convention of States under Article V of the United States Constitution limited to a single issue, a Right to Life Amendment. Many people at the time realized that Congress did not have the political will to propose and send to the states such an amendment using their power under Article V of the U.S. Constitution.

The state led movement grew to fever pitch and by 1980 19 states had applied under Article V for such a Convention of States. You can see the list of states in this online Article V Library.

By 1978, the John Birch Society began fearmongering the state legislatures that had passed those Article V applications for a Convention of States limited to the Right to Life amendment. They doggedly spread their misinformation and fear in those 19 states to urge them to rescind their Article V applications….and by the early 90s the movement was dead.

Those are the indisputable facts. What I say next I readily admit is conjecture….but I ask you to think logically through this and come to your own conclusions. Bear in mind, the movement to achieve a COS specifically for a Right to Life amendment was at fever pitch in the early years following Roe. The abject perversion of the Constitution by the Supreme Court in order to create a right to butcher unborn children en utero had created tremendous will in the states to amend the Constitution either via the Congressional or the state led modes in Article V. It is clear that the Congress did not at that time or today have the political will to propose such an amendment. However, the framers knew what they were doing when they supplied the state led mode to amend the Constitution in Article V. The framers knew there would come a time when the people in the states understood the need to protect themselves and their progeny from a central government that would not restrict itself. Listen to the words of George Mason while he was advocating for the COS mode of amending the Constitution: 

“Amendments therefore will be necessary, and it will be better to provide for them, in an easy, regular and Constitutional way than to trust to chance and violence.  It would be improper to require the consent of the Natl. Legislature, because they may abuse their power, and refuse their consent on that very account.” – George Mason June 11, 1787 

The states were pushing hard for this…as evidenced by 19 states actually passing an Article V application for a Convention of States specifically limited to the Right to Life Amendment. Things being what they were, there is a good probability that the states would have achieved the 2/3rds requirement of applications to trigger a Convention of States. It is also a good probability….again, bearing in mind the climate in the states in the 70s following Roe, there is a very good probability that the 3/4ths requirement of 38 states would have been met to ratify a national Right to Life amendment. 

Please keep in mind…this is CRUCIAL for you to understand. If such an amendment had been ratified, the decision in Roe would have been automatically vacated and the unborn would have gained protection and the same Right to Life that you and I enjoy today simply because we have exited a birth canal. Abortion on demand would have ceased to exist in our country overnight upon ratification by the 38th state. 

My question for you after you ingest the facts I presented…and then after you think over my conjecture….my question to you is this: How many of the 60 million babies that have been butchered since the Roe v Wade decision would be alive today if the John Birch Society had not stopped this movement dead in it’s tracks in the 80s and early 90s? I think it a fair question to ask when you consider the climate in the states immediately following the Roe decision in 1973. 

None of us will ever know the answer to that question. But what we do know is that there was a strong possibility that the Right to Life amendment that would have protected those precious unborn children would have become the 28th amendment to the United States Constitution. 

The John Birch Society folks hate when I tell them that their pathetic organization has to bear some responsibility for some of the post Roe holocaust that might have been stopped by the states. They don’t like it when we tell their dirty little secret. They really should not get so worked up over me educating people on this....after all the current President of the John Birch Society, John McManus proudly tells audiences that they are responsible for stopping the Article V movement for the Right to Life amendment. You can watch and hear Mr. McManus in this video, gleefully proclaiming their victories here in his own words.

It is not hard to understand why Conservative icon William F. Buckley was so adamant about running this pathetic group out of the Conservative movement many years ago. 

Let me finish with one more piece of evidence of this group’s pathetic defense of the status quo and the Roe decision. In their zeal to make their misinformed case against the use of an Article V Convention of states they repeatedly write and speak utilizing the statements and the writings of former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Warren Burger. They use a letter written by him that said an Article V Convention of States is a bad or dangerous idea. But here’s another dirty little secret that they do not tell you.

What they do not tell you is who Warren Burger was…they don’t tell you that because they know it will turn your stomach and make you want to throw up…. they also know that you are smart enough to turn right around and ask them some tough questions that they do not want to have to answer. 

You see Warren Burger was the Chief Justice who presided over and was part of the 7 member majority in the infamous and atrocious Roe V Wade case that has given us 60 million butchered babies. Why don’t they tell you that? Is it because they figure you will put two and two together? That you will realize that logically, one of the most left wing and activist justices in our nation history would obviously NOT be supportive of any effort that would STRIP HIM OF HIS POWER! The guy in the middle below....that would be Chief Justice Burger....the anti Article V COS poster child of the pathetic JBS. Always remember....he was the Chief Justice that gave us 60 million dead babies.

The John Birch Society is the Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson of the Liberty Movement. They claim they want to stop the overreach of the Federal Government but behind the scenes they are doing everything in their power to maintain the status quo.

I stand by my statement….the John Birch Society is a pathetic fearmongering organization. I think their leadership has to bear some responsibility for what has continued to happen unabated since their activities in the late 70s and early 80s to fearmonger the states away from using the Constitutional tool specifically given to the states to correct course when the Constitution was twisted beyond recognition. In this instance we have the fruit of that inaction....60 million dead babies. To be clear...the Supreme Court handed down that decision not the JBS. But it was the JBS that was responsible for stopping the states from their attempt to immediately correct course for our nation. At that time...there was a good chance of success. I ask you to again, go back and watch their leader smugly and gleefully tell you how they stopped this. Then I want you to think about all those butchered babies that just might have been given the right to live.

The Birchers will maintain that they did this because they believe that a Convention is "dangerous".  But the fact remains that we will never know what would have been the result if the states had succeeded in getting into an amendments proposing convention. Their fears are irrational and based on bad history.

I submit that the political cult known as the John Birch Society has to bear some responsibility for the continued holocaust. I submit that their pathetic leadership has the blood of some of these babies on their hands.

Draw your own conclusions.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Here come the fearmongers....

Just as I anticipated….the fearmongers against the use of the Constitutional tool in Article V to save our country have descended again this year in South Carolina. Just as we have been making HUGE strides with our legislature because of your efforts with your emails and calls, these people are now trying to scare you and the legislators you have been contacting away from this fight, the fight of our very lives to save our country. Before you read one more word of my message, please stop and see what the founders had to say about what they gave us here.

This is going to be a bit long, but I implore you to read it all the way through. Some of you received an email today from a group that calls itself the “South Carolina Council for Freedom and Enterprise”. Those of you that have been involved in this fight for awhile will remember the exact same fearmongering coming from the John Birch Society and Campaign for Liberty…I’m sure they will begin the handwringing soon.

As I continue to see the emails that are being sent into South Carolina by the fear mongers and Article V naysayers, I wanted to send this reminder out to you. Every day I receive emails like this forwarded by many of you that read them and are confused and or frightened by the misinformation and frankly utter lies. These people want to paralyze you in fear.

It’s rare that I will take the step of calling someone a liar whom I have not met….but this latest letter that is going out by this pathetic group….among other things….states the following:

“All of these special interest groups claim to be working toward a convention limited to their own issue, yet they are working together behind the scenes. Groups like Convention of States -- who claim to want a convention to limit the federal government -- are working with groups like Wolf PAC”.

I can tell you that WolfPAC is a left wing group that wants its own Article V Convention and their effort will go nowhere. The individual that wrote this letter to you tells you that the Convention of States Project is working with WolfPAC. That is an absolute and utter lie…not a falsehood, not a misstatement…it is an absolute lie.

If that were even remotely true, I wouldn’t be near this project with a ten foot pole. The fact of the matter is that people like my friend Michael Farris, probably one of the finest Constitutional scholars in the nation….who founded this project, have spent more time in the Conservative and Limited Government trenches fighting for what you and I care deeply about than most people will ever know. I myself spent 20 years on active duty defending the United States Constitution. For the last 15 years I have been teaching homeschooled high schoolers Constitutional Law and Original Intent. I have been speaking to Tea Party groups, 9-12 groups, and just about any other conservative group about the Constitution and limited government from an originalist perspective….I teach the Constitution in churches and just about any group that will listen. So when I read this garbage from this group, I want you to know that I have been pouring my life into defending and protecting the United States Constitution with my own resources for a VERY long time.

But, we have seen this type response from Eagle Forum and the John Birch Society now for about two and a half years. The leader of this group tells you “many believe a constitutional convention can be limited to certain types or categories of changes”. He goes on to say “that simply is not true. Article V itself does not back up any assertions that a convention can be limited -- and noted constitutional scholars agree.” However, he does not name one single “scholar” and his assertions about not being able to limit a Convention of States (which is the historically accurate term) are simply not true as you can read here.

On our side, the side of the founders, take a look at the noted scholars that support the Convention of States Project here.

The writer of todays fearmongering nonsense from the “South Carolina Council for Freedom and Enterprise” states “all of these people working together behind the scenes” are trying to destroy the Constitution. Really? Is that true?

If that were true….would Rush Limbaugh be for it? Mark Levin? Glenn Beck? Allen West? Governor Bobby Jindal in Louisiana, Gov Huckabee, former United States Senator Tom Coburn (known in the Senate as Dr. No because he was one of a few that consistently voted against the liberal big government agenda), how about Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Sean Hannity, Conservative Columnist Thomas Sowell? All of these people I mentioned here have either officially endorsed the Convention of States Project or have publicly stated their support. Are all of these people “working together behind the scenes” to destroy the Constitution?

Are all of those people dupes of the left?  Do they all want to “hijack” the Constitution? I think the answer to that question ought to destroy the credibility of this so called “South Carolina Council for Freedom and Enterprise” and any other group, be it the John Birch Society, Campaign for Liberty, or any other group that opposes this effort out of fear and misinformation. That fact of the matter is that their opposition puts them squarely on the side of the status quo. They want to keep things just like they are because frankly they are cowards..

The rest of us have had enough. What the Convention of States Project resolution seeks to do is to use what the founders gave us INSIDE Article V. They didn’t have Article V and a process for the states to call an amending Convention under the Articles….so they called a General Convention in the summer of 1787. Today, with the document they gave us, they specifically gave the states a process to deal with an OUT OF CONTROL federal government that is staggering drunk on power it was NEVER intended to possess. Article V contains THE LAWFUL and orderly process given to the state legislatures to rein in the federal government. I for one will not cower in fear over every single lie and misrepresentation that is put forth by the fear mongers and frankly the pantswetters out there.  Our founders who gave us this process would hold such men in contempt for their sheer cowardice to trust what they gave us. I debated a gentleman from an organization that opposes the Convention of States last year and it struck me that I heard him use the work “risk” five times….and I realized that our founders risked EVERYTHING to give us our country and our Constitution. Today, when we really step back and realize the firewalls that the founders gave us in this process….we risk little to nothing. BUT….even if we did….how can I do less than the founders to save my country? I simply am not willing to look my grandchildren in the eye one day and tell them I did nothing because I was too fearful of the outcome…..all the while I was staring at an absolutely out of control federal government that was shredding the Constitution in front of my eyes. That just doesn’t make sense to me….and I refuse to have that said of me

I ask you to remember that it was the great men of the founding era that GAVE US ARTICLE V and the Convention of States process. If we say we love the Constitution, then we ought to love ALL of it. 

I leave you with an article that I wrote that goes into much more depth if you are interested and answers most of the questions you might have.

And I leave you with this great speech made by Mark Levin to over 1200 state legislators back in December of 2014. If you have seen this, I recommend you watch it again.

The fact of the matter is that the Convention of States Project is on fire around the nation with a majority of states returning to their General Assemblies and we have over 30 states that have lead sponsors filing our historic identical template resolution. But as you can see, you know what that means? guessed it....the bedwetters and cowards are coming out from under their rocks to fearmonger the state legislators....they want to continue doing the same things over and over and over...and you know why? Because they fear the "con con" boogey man....whatever that is.
You would think that after this past June....and the June before that...and the June before that....I mean these folks want to wait for the next shoe to drop every June from the out of control Supreme Court.....that they would get it.

So here is what you have to do....if you come across one of these folks....they are easy to spot....they are all wrapped up in fear..and are continually wringing their hands and soiling their garments while they talk to you....if you come across someone trying to spread fear about an Article V Convention of States....ask them how they can be so utterly cowardly in the face of our out of control and staggering power drunken federal Leviathan. Let them know that their misinformation, lies, and fearmongering are very unbecoming of someone that claims to be a Constitutionalist. There position is utterly pathetic and as someone that has studied and read the founders/framers voluminously, I can tell you that they would hold such men in contempt.

They are other way to frame it. Its one thing to oppose something based on your own reasoned argument using historically accurate information from scholarly work on Article V and the history surrounding it...but the problem for the opposition is this…as you saw in the video I asked you to watch at the very beginning....all of the scholarly information supports our effort.

I have been leading the effort in SC for 2 and a half years now and I have yet to hear a reasoned argument against the use of the founders tool...every single person and every single argument I have none... is grounded in fear. That is why it is fair and accurate to hammer them as cowards. Rome is burning to the ground…and we simply do NOT have time for them.