Saturday, March 22, 2014

Warren Burger as Exhibit "A"? Really??

A few years ago, when I first started working as the South Carolina State Director for the Convention of States Project effort, I debated with the SC Field Representative for the John Birch Society on the merits of an Article V Convention of States and the COS Project. One of the pieces of "evidence" used by the JBS to argue against an Article V COS is a letter written in 1988 by former United States Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger. In the debate, each of us had 20 minutes to present our side. When the JBS rep had his turn I was astounded that he chose to use this letter as part of his argument. You see, Chief Justice Warren Burger was the Chief Justice that presided over the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision that struck down every law in the nation that protected unborn children. This is the decision that our federal government handed down that has sanctioned the butchering of 60 million unborn children to date. Burger was one of the chief architects of the decision where our government made war against the unborn lawful in our nation. Our federal judiciary, with Chief Justice Warren Burger at the helm sanctioned a holocaust on unborn children. It would be one thing if the JBS field rep didn’t know this…that would be bad enough, but friends….we have been beating them up about this since they began to use it in their opposition to us over 6 months ago. The JBS touts itself as THE protector of the Constitution.

During one of the questions that we fielded after our 20 minute statements, I turned to the audience and asked if anyone could tell me what the most egregious court decision has been in the history of our nation. Almost unanimously they responded with “Roe v Wade”. I then asked them if they knew who wrote and approved of that decision...they didn' I informed them that Warren Burger was the Chief Justice that was part of the majority decision that found the right for women to chop up their unborn children in what the court called the “penumbras” or shadows of the Constitution. It was the most radical departure from Originalism in the history of the Supreme Court. So the John Birch Society holds up Warren Burger, one of the most radical, left wing SCOTUS Justices in our nation’s history that twisted and perverted the Constitution in order to arrive at the most abominable decision a court could make under our Constitution. A Constitution designed to protect and implement the principles of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness found in the Declaration of Independence. You could have heard a pin drop, when I dropped that bomb.

Now, it would be one thing if my JBS debate “opponent” had just heard this information for the first time, but he knows it….he has heard us explain this before. One has to wonder why the JBS (an organization that claims to be devoted to protecting the original intent of the Constitution) would continue to use one of the most activist, liberal, far left, statist Justices (who continually showed his contempt for the Rule of Law and Originalism in his decisions) to make their point. Thinking people would ask why a Judge, whose normal mode of operation was to subvert the Rule of Law and pervert the Constitution...thinking people would ask why would he NOT oppose the use of Article V by the states since it's very use would potentially strip him of his power to pervert our Rule of Law?

Someone needs to ask the John Birch Society, all those that support them, and this particular JBS representative, why they continue to hold up this pathetic, radical, leftist Chief Justice that gave us the most abominable decision in our nation’s history as their poster child.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Smoke and Mirrors

This is one of those "please permit me to provide some Constitutional training" afternoons. I'm going to tick some of my Republican friends off with this....but that's ok, swallowing illogical garbage just because I vote Republican is not something I can and will ever do. So, here we go....

The Republican controlled House of Representatives passed a bill this week called the "Enforce The Law Act".... I am told by other "astute" republicans that they needed to do this because they will never be able to impeach the President.

So, let's follow the logic...there is so much here to either laugh or cry at, I don't know where to begin.

The Constitution gives the House of Representatives sole power to indict, or bring charges against any federal official for "high crimes and misdemeanors". With the term "misdemeanors" used in the Constitution, the threshold for "indictments" is pretty low. These indictments are called "Articles of Impeachment".

In the current administration, from the President on down, this is what one might call a "target rich" environment when it comes to indictable offenses. Indeed, the name of the law passed out of the House of Representatives this week clearly indicates that the Republicans in the House know that the President is not enforcing the law. Article II, Section 3 states the following "...he [The President] shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed..." Wa la, there you have it...not a misdemeanor by any stretch....but rather a high crime being committed right in front of their (and our) eyes by the President of the United States. This fact is not in dispute, the House passed a bill because of this fact.

Yet, we are told by the members of the House of Representatives, and I'm hearing from the Republican Party faithful, that "meh, we cannot impeach, the Senate will not convict"

Friends, you have heard me say this before, that is a lame excuse since it is not the job of the House or for that matter you or me to determine whether or not there is an environment in the U.S. Senate to convict. If there are impeachable offenses, the House members, that swore to uphold and defend the Constitution mind you, are DUTY BOUND to bring indictments called Articles of Impeachment. The process cannot begin in the Senate until the Republican House members put on their big boy pants, step up to the plate, and do their Constitutional duty. If the House of Representatives brings Articles of Impeachment, the Senate MUST conduct a trial. Even though we know the Democrat controlled Senate would likely never convict the President, the media would be forced to cover it and this President would go down in history as being only the third President to be impeached. Remember, impeachment does not mean removal. Under our Constitution, the House of Representatives Impeaches, and the Senate conducts a trail for removal.

So let me close this by bringing you back to the crazy logic and inanity of a bill (proposed future law) called the "Enforce The Law Act". The proponents of this bill say they need to do this because the Senate will not convict if the House impeaches the President.

Friends, I'm not the brightest light bulb in the house....but (1) can anyone tell me what the chances are of the United States Senate (with a majority of Democrats led by Harry Reid) voting to pass this bill? (2) Can anyone tell me what the chances are of Harry Reid even permitting a vote on this bill from the House? (3) Can anyone tell me what the chances are of the President of the United States signing a bill into law that is designed to drag him into court for not enforcing the law?

But mind you, we are all supposed to clap and put meme's on our facebook page showing that the Republicans passed a bill called the "Enforce The Law Act" out of the United States House of Representatives this week. And we are also supposed to face the "reality" that impeachment is a waste of time because the "Senate will not convict the President".

Folks, is it just me? Am I the one in Bizarro World? Or is it the folks that think the Republicans did something worthy of a ticker tape parade this week? You tell me.

Friends, this is the kind of stuff that tells you that the three branches of government are literally in collusion today. Washington D.C. (and a lot of others outside) are living in a dream world. There is virtually no chance left that Washington D.C. will do anything meaningful to roll back its power usurpation or roll back the size of the federal government. We are witnessing the EXACT events play out that the founders knew could occur in government...and they gave us, the people in the states a mechanism, a way back to the limited government they gave us in 1787. It's called the Article V Convention of States. Today, there is only one organization that has put together a viable plan for a grassroots effort to get our states to do this, that organization is called the Convention of States Project.

Convention of States Project

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Erosion of "Free Exercise"

The fact that so few Christians today understand the gravity of what is going on with the erosion of the First Amendments Free Exercise clause is staggering.

Under the Constitutional right of Free Exercise of Religion, believers in our nation have specific Constitutional protection to the free exercise of their religion according to the dictates of their own consciences...that means they should not ever be forced to violate their own beliefs unless those beliefs lead to actions that do physical harm to another. I hear some believers saying that they agree with not having to perform weddings for homosexuals. But they disagree with denying services in other areas. If a Christian, has convictions about not providing his/her service to homosexuals because they feel they may be sanctioning that activity by providing their skills...that is there call. Our government, federal or state is not supposed to be permitted to force them to violate their conscience. Some agree that Christians shouldn't have to do it for the weddings, but then imply that we shouldn't be able to deny some other service. The problem with that kind of reasoning is that it makes you, I, or worse, the government the arbiter of another Christians conscience...rather than the Holy Spirit working in that individuals life. They may be convicted not to provide their skills or services because they are sanctioning that activity by doing so. Its not your call, my call, or the governments call, it should never be your or my call when it comes to a persons convictions unless those convictions obviously do physical harm to another.

This is so VERY crucial for Christians to understand...I simply cannot over emphasize this....we are sitting idly by (the Church) and watching specific rights given to us by God in our nation, for the express purpose of the free gospel dispensation...which includes believers taking a stand against what they believe is sin. No other nation has this kind of protection codified in it's Constitution or laws. Once again, our ignorance of the Constitution and the protections it affords us all, once again, that ignorance is causing us to lose those protections, and at an alarming rate I might add. Our ignorance of history creates an ungodly lack of appreciation for what God has providentially given to us in our nation and we are watching it slip away. I believe that lack of understanding on the part of the church and that lack of action to protect what God has richly blessed us with is a great abomination to God.

The erosion of Free Exercise in our nation is going on unabated at an alarming rate...when the day comes where Pastors are arrested for "hate speech" will be a direct result of what we see happening now...and we think its ok...each link in the chain of Constitutional protection is breaking away from another link every day.

Maybe the American Church needs to be stripped of these God given protections in order for the American church to come under intense persecution to strengthen it...and shake it out of its sin of apathy.