Saturday, April 8, 2017

What is The Score on The Supreme Court Now?

As a student of the Supreme Court, I'm thankful that Gorsuch is on the court. We won't actually know for sure if he's the real deal (originalist)...until we see his rulings and written opinions.

Remember....everyone was fooled by John Roberts... including myself....but he (Gorsuch) appears to be a good addition to Thomas and Alito. His answers to the libs questions during confirmation hearings were designed to get through the lib gauntlet...and were somewhat disturbing to me. His past rulings and writings provide probably the most accurate glimpse of his jurisprudence....we shall see. I'm not "all in" until I see some of his rulings and written opinions. Was sucked in by Roberts....not doing that anymore.

That said, if you think that his addition to the court makes it a "conservative" simply have not been paying attention to the courts rulings for the last 10 years and who "lands" in the Majority/Minority opinions of the court. The court currently has two proven originalists out of the now nine members. Gorsuch would be #3. Roberts is not an originalist and cannot be called a "conservative". If you think he is, you will have to explain his ruling and written unconstitutional garbage in the ruling over ZeroCare....the largest and most egregious "living constitution" ruling since Roe.

Anthony Kennedy is certainly no originalist and definitely not a "conservative". Kennedy is the Justice on the court that most cites international law and European law as a basis for his decisions ...even more than Ginsburg does, and that's hard to do! Based on his past actions, Kennedy will most certainly move left on the court with the addition of Gorsuch. His rulings clearly show that he relishes being the so called "swing" vote...and will now lean left just to make sure that the new "conservative" perception of the court is undone.

If Gorsuch is truly an originalist...and I hope he is....the court will now have 3 originalists ouf of nine justices...those are the type justices that are needed for the major issues that will come before the court in the coming years.

The "living constitution nonsense" vs "originalist" score on the Supreme Court of the United States is now 6 to 3 in favor of the "living constitution".

The only way back to limited government under the Rule of Law is through the door of Article V and a Convention of States to propose amendments that target the heart of the Leviathans usurped powers.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Leviathan vs The People of The States

As I call "balls and strikes" on the President, something I do consistently no matter what party is in the White House....some of you ask me if I'd rather Hillary have won. I'm not sure what the purpose of that question is for reasoned thinkers...but I'll answer it. Of course anything is better than Hillary Clinton. However, that is not the measure to which I'm holding all those that told us that Mr. Trump would "drain the swamp".
It has become abundantly clear with the Presidents abandonment of his promise to lead the effort to repeal ZeroCare, his coalition with those in the House that not only broke their oft stated promise to repeal but now foist a replacement big government sandwich on us... and now his continual attack and all out war against the type House members of who he aligned himself with during his has become crystal clear that the Leviathan who owns the swamp....has assimilated the new administration.
I write this today not to take issue again with those attacks against the House Freedom Caucus, I've written a couple posts about that in the last few days. I write today to remind those "conservatives" that have any ears left to hear....that there is but one way that the great swamp Leviathan will be defeated. The framers of our great Constitution predicted that this day would come. The not only predicted that this day would come, they had the foresight to insert a mechanism into the Constitution whereby the states themselves could do what the federal government of Washington D.C. would refuse to do...that is rein itself in.
Today, the federal government not only will not move to restrain it's decades of usurped powers, it simply CANNOT make any moves that would restrain or even contain it's power drunken self. The federal government of Washington D.C. that I refer to as "the "Leviathan" is not incentivized today to roll back accumulated usurped power much less rein those powers in. To the contrary, it is de-incentivized to make any moves that threaten it's powers...again, what I call "usurped" powers because those are powers it was never intended to possess but has taken by what I call "amendment fiat"....meaning they simply amend the document through legislation that is rubber stamped by an out of control federal court system.
If you refer to yourself as a "conservative" today and you are opposed to the only constitutional method left to you and I....the "outsiders"....if you are opposed to the Convention of States process specifically placed into Article V to be used for the people to self govern themselves via their state assemblies...if you are opposed to that simply do not understand that size and power of the Leviathan today.
The states have a lawful, peaceful, Constitutional process to change the power structure today. Yes, I said CHANGE THE POWER STRUCTURE....if you have noticed....the power structure between the federal government and the states has been radically altered. This did not happen overnight. It happened through decades of unconstitutional Article I legislative branch lawmaking, it happened through decades of unconstitutional Article II executive branch lawmaking via executive order, and those powers that have been usurped by those two branches have been codified into a "new" constitution by an out of control Article III federal judiciary court system.
The states possess a process given to them by the framers to change the power structure to correct the usurped and assumed powers back to their original constitutional distribution. This process is correctly and historically referred to as a "Convention of States". Unfortunately, far too many conservatives have bought into the utterly false narrative that somehow this is a "dangerous" process. It is not. The framers told us that this was supposed to be a "regular" process used to "check" the federal government EVERY TIME it attempted to exceed it's constitutional boundaries.
It's really time for conservatives to wake up to the truth and get over their fears of Article V. You who are in this camp of continue to perpetuate the powers of the Leviathan.
Please pass this on to your friends that claim "conservatism" and help educate them.