Saturday, April 8, 2017

What is The Score on The Supreme Court Now?

As a student of the Supreme Court, I'm thankful that Gorsuch is on the court. We won't actually know for sure if he's the real deal (originalist)...until we see his rulings and written opinions.

Remember....everyone was fooled by John Roberts... including myself....but he (Gorsuch) appears to be a good addition to Thomas and Alito. His answers to the libs questions during confirmation hearings were designed to get through the lib gauntlet...and were somewhat disturbing to me. His past rulings and writings provide probably the most accurate glimpse of his jurisprudence....we shall see. I'm not "all in" until I see some of his rulings and written opinions. Was sucked in by Roberts....not doing that anymore.

That said, if you think that his addition to the court makes it a "conservative" simply have not been paying attention to the courts rulings for the last 10 years and who "lands" in the Majority/Minority opinions of the court. The court currently has two proven originalists out of the now nine members. Gorsuch would be #3. Roberts is not an originalist and cannot be called a "conservative". If you think he is, you will have to explain his ruling and written unconstitutional garbage in the ruling over ZeroCare....the largest and most egregious "living constitution" ruling since Roe.

Anthony Kennedy is certainly no originalist and definitely not a "conservative". Kennedy is the Justice on the court that most cites international law and European law as a basis for his decisions ...even more than Ginsburg does, and that's hard to do! Based on his past actions, Kennedy will most certainly move left on the court with the addition of Gorsuch. His rulings clearly show that he relishes being the so called "swing" vote...and will now lean left just to make sure that the new "conservative" perception of the court is undone.

If Gorsuch is truly an originalist...and I hope he is....the court will now have 3 originalists ouf of nine justices...those are the type justices that are needed for the major issues that will come before the court in the coming years.

The "living constitution nonsense" vs "originalist" score on the Supreme Court of the United States is now 6 to 3 in favor of the "living constitution".

The only way back to limited government under the Rule of Law is through the door of Article V and a Convention of States to propose amendments that target the heart of the Leviathans usurped powers.

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