Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Pastors Perspective - Article V and The Convention of States

Guest Blog - By my friend Pastor Kevin Baird

I have been asked numerous times about my "take" concerning the Convention of the States (COS) movement catching steam and momentum across the land. Honestly, I am not as proficient in the intricacies of the discussion as others but after reading, listening, and studying some myself I find myself a supporter of the movement. The 5 reasons I will list below are probably simplistic, but they became the foundational place for my decision.

Let me be clear...I believe our American Constitution along with the Declaration of Independence are two of the most remarkable documents in human history with the exception of the Bible being in a category by itself. I lament the fact that as a nation we have ignored it and circumvented it on more occasions than can be illustrated. That, along with the foundational revelation that this nation was established with a Christian ethos and culture, is the reason we are spiraling into destruction and irrelevance.

That being said, I have watched the posts and discussions concerning the COS that it would open a "Pandora's Box" and we might be in a worse place than we are now because once you open the Constitution "anything" could happen. While I appreciate those who are making the argument because I understand that for many of them they too, are working to reverse the course of this nation, I support the COS for the following reasons:

1. The COS is clearly in the Constitution. How can we be for the Constitution and fight against its application and usage? Hasn't that been the problem? If we esteem the founder's insight, wisdom and work, then it seems like we would still defer to their judgment even if might produce personal anxiety.

2. Currently, we have a federal judiciary that is what I call the COO (Convention of the oligarchy). The Constitution is opened up for reinterpretation every time a case goes to the appellate level. We have a small minority of unaccountable and unelected people who are opening up "Pandora's Box" constantly. Why would we continue to trust them to change their current course instead of trusting the people of this land to change our current course? I am no longer convinced that the American structure of governance and the judiciary is capable of correcting itself. Our rulers and judges, by and large, have been deceived by power, money, and ego.

3. The COS abides by the Biblical precept of "rule of law". It appears to be the last, peaceful means by which a highly polarized nation can resolve it's worldview collision which is currently taking place. I am not an advocate for violence, but our current trajectory and cultural dynamics are indicating that unless an objective standard of law can be reestablished there is an eruption in our future.

4. To resist the concept of the COS is in some ways to resist the very concept of freedom. I understand that ultimately and foundationally we must trust that God is at work in our nation, however; why would we continue to trust an increasingly tyrannical, convoluted system of governing instead of trusting what God might do in a freedom loving people? I understand that if the people are not prepared for that discussion then the demise of America is almost certain. But if our current trajectory as a nation remains the same then all the question becomes is "when" not "if" our nation collapses. For me, I would rather try saving it with a different playbook than doing what we have been doing over and over again. God has not called me to continue that type of insanity.

5. We cannot be captive to our fears. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (II Timothy 1:7 NKJV) The COS is a courageous movement in my opinion. It has risks. It seems to me that to change the course of a nation would inherently demand some risk. You cannot accomplish great vision without risk. There are no guarantees whichever path is chosen. However, expecting God to move as we maintain the status quo appears to me to be the least Biblical option.

There you go...whether that helps anyone else or not, it is where I land. I encourage Pastors do your research and if you want to be connected to some people I know who are really well versed in the COS, I can get you connected.

It's time for a new playbook...

Dr. Kevin Baird
Executive Director at South Carolina Pastor’s Alliance
Sr. Pastor Legacy Church
Charleston, South Carolina

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