Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Conjecture or The Rule of Law?

Periodically I have taken the time after one of our Bostic for Congress campaign events to write a little about what I observed to kind of give you an idea of why I am working with Curtis. Last evening at one of our drop in events I observed a perfect example of why Curtis Bostic is the best candidate by far for us to elect as our next Congressman to represent the 1st Congressional District of South Carolina. An individual asked Curtis a question about his views on gun control.  This is where there is CRYSTAL CLEAR separation between Curtis Bostic and ALL the other candidates in this Special Election.  I'm not necessisarily  referring to his pro 2nd Amendment position, becuase most of the candidates are or at least purport to be pro 2nd Amendment. Coincidentally, I might add...it's rather silly for us to even say someone is "pro 2nd Amendment" because it really doesn’t matter if someone is “pro 2nd Amendment” or not.  The 2nd Amendment is part of our nations Rule of Law.  The United States Constitution (which includes all 27 Amendments) is not supposed to be subject to the whims of men.  The reason I stated above that this is where we find CRYSTAL CLEAR separation between Curtis and the other candidates has more to do with his understanding and ability to accurately articulate the principles behind this liberty to those that do not have understanding in this area or any other constitutional area for that matter. This issue really goes to the core of our campaign and what we believe.

Curtis answered this individuals question by explaining that he would probably lose their vote once they heard his answer, but that he was going to tell her the truth of his position. Folks, I’ve been out on these events almost every night for the last two and a half months and I have seen the other candidates in action. Many will tailor their answers to questions like this to whichever audience they are talking to….the clear mark of a politician.  This individual tonight wanted to know what Curtis’s “thoughts” were pertaining to banning certain firearms and certain types of firearm magazines in response to recent events. I put the word “thoughts” in quotations for a reason. I want you to see something that I notice very often on the campaign trail and at candidate events and what I hear from the other candidates.  People want to know what they “think” of this issue or what they “think” of that issue.  Now, I’m not implying that there is not a place for having thoughtful positions on important issues.  We need to have well thought out positions on the issues.  However, when the issue in question is an issue that is already settled in the Rule of Law (Constitution), then it’s really not up for debate or conjecture what anyone’s “thoughts” are on that issue. The only way we can have a discussion about our “thoughts” on an issue that is already enumerated in the Constitution is if we are having a discussion about changing something through the deliberative process outlined in the Article V process for amendments.

I listened tonight as Curtis explained all of this to this individual and explained that as a United States Congressman, his oath and therefore his responsibility would be to uphold the Rule of Law. This fact is either completely lost on most in office today or they simply have no regard for that fact.  In this field of 16 candidates I have heard all of these candidates many times over…and none of these candidates has this grasp of the principles of liberty like Curtis does. Indeed, I can honestly say that few have any grasp of this at all because I have heard them explain their positions and in most cases those positions are more in tune with their “thoughts”, “ideas”, and conjecture more than they are with the principles and enumerated powers outlined in the federal Constitution.

Friends, first principles, the principles of Liberty and the United States Constitution are in my "wheelhouse", this is my expertise...so I know it when I see it.  This is why I am teamed with Curtis Bostic...not simply because he is my good friend, indeed there is another candidate in this race that is a friend of mine. I'm teamed with Curtis because I am convinced that he is exactly the type of candidate that we MUST elect if we want any chance at pushing this government back inside its constitutional fence. We have a rare candidate for this Congressional seat in the 1st District of South Carolina right now, men like Curtis Bostic that have a grasp of these first principles and mastery of our Constitution coupled with rock solid integrity are very hard to find these days.  The ability to articulate these principles is crucial for a congressman in order to be able to explain it to his colleagues in the United States Congress as well as the citizens of the 1st District.

Let’s get it right on March 19th, vote for Curtis Bostic to be the next Congressman from the 1st Congressional District of South Carolina.

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