Monday, January 7, 2013

"The Supreme Court has agreed to Hear Two Cases on Marriage. What Does This Mean for You and Your Church?"

Once issues that don’t belong in the hands of the Federal Government, get into the hands of the Federal Government, we (the plebes in the states) are going to lose eventually. Issues that the Constitution is silent on, belong to the states (10th Amendment). So, now we are faced with 9 unelected Judges who will determine whether or not a state (read that your church and my church) can decide what a family should consist of.

So time for another Constitutional lesson and why it’s CRUCIAL for our elected officials in Congress to know the relevant provisions in the Constitution for "checking" or STOPPING another branch from exceeding its Constitutional authority. Then after they know those provisions, the next thing we need in an elected official is BACKBONE to execute those provisions.

Article III, of the United States Constitution is the Article that pertains to the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary. Section 2 of that same article gives the Congress the authority and power to make exceptions to the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, and for that matter the lower Federal courts. Now to really understand this, keep in mind that the 10th Amendment already states that powers not given (enumerated) to the Federal government in the Constitution are already retained by the states. But the framers were a wise group of men, they added another backup provision here in Article III, Section 2 just in case the courts took it upon themselves to delve into matters that were not in their jurisdiction or power. The framers gave the Congress the power to say..."Hey, let us remind you Court, that this is NOT in your power to decide".

But I take you back to my mantra that I repeat over and over again. Either our Federal elected officials are completely and utterly ignorant of this, OR they blatantly disregard their oath and duty. Again, either one of those options are very bad. Let’s MAKE SURE those we send to the United States Congress can pass BOTH of these tests!

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