Thursday, January 17, 2013

Critical Time...Critical Election...The RIGHT Candidate!

Friends, in just 8 short weeks we are going to be voting in a Primary election for the next Congressman to represent the 1st Congressional District of South Carolina. This is a district that runs pretty much from halfway to Georgetown all the way down to the Hilton Head area.  Many if not most of you in my fb circle live in this district.  This is a VERY important election; we have a pretty solid Congressional delegation from our state in Washington DC with one exception.  We need to make sure we get this open seat right.

Please don’t get weary of what you see me posting, if you see the direction of our country right now, you simply must discipline yourself to be involved...and stay involved. Stay involved by watching for updates, passing them on, and determining what God would have you do to help in any way possible...big or small. I know some no matter what I say...are going to get tired of this...but I know most of care deeply about our nation and our national trajectory.  So, I’m asking you to brace, and steel yourself for the next 8 weeks until March 19th, and actually beyond...because there will likely be a runoff on April 2nd, and then we will be voting in the General election on May 7th.

You’re going to hear me and see me posting quite a bit on here for the next 8 weeks. Working closely with Curtis and offering counsel and advice I get to see what this guy is made of...and I’m telling you we have a unique opportunity to put a real patriot into the United States Congress.  I would put more stock into ones command of the Rule of Law (read that ...Constitution) than I would anything else for this position. I've been working hard for years to get folks to understand first principles and limited government. Curtis Bostic is a candidate that not only has that important requirement, Curtis is a godly guy that cares deeply about fighting for what’s right. One of the things that was driving me to run was the sick feeling that I get when I see politicians get elected...then summarily disregard their oaths that they take to uphold the Constitution.  Curtis will not do that. If I had any doubts about that for a minute...I would not be pouring all my energy into this campaign.

This last part is key folks, please read this is what SETS OUR TEAM APART from the other candidates. The Bostic Congressional Team believes that when this new congressman walks into the United States House of Representatives...the absolute most important thing they need to a command ability to handle our government manual. The founders understanding of limited government, and the Rule of Law. I have lived and breathed that in the trenches for almost 15 years and I know it when I see it! No other candidate in this race brings that outside of our team. None.

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