Saturday, December 29, 2012

Most Important Qualification for SCOTUS Nominee

In an effort to provide a little training in what does and doesnt make a good nominee for a Supreme Court position...or any federal judge for that matter, I want to offer up the following information. This is CRUCIAL at the SCOTUS level.

When Justice Sotomayor was nominated by the President a few years ago...she stated that as a Latina woman she would make a better justice than a man because she could provide "empathy". That was a very telling moment friends because that is precisely what should have DISQUALIFIED her for that seat on the SCOTUS in the eyes and ears of an astute United States Senator that understands how the U.S. Constitution works. Something Senator Graham from SC either does not have, or chooses to ignore. You might ask: "Bob, why on earth should her having "empathy" disqualify her?" I'm glad you asked that question. You see "empathy is a good thing, a very good thing....for a local family court judge to have, maybe a local magistrate, etc. But my friends, "empathy" has absolutely NOTHING to do with the job of a SCOTUS Justice. As a matter of fact to do that takes a VERY special individual.

It takes someone that can divorce their own feelings from all decision making and simply hold the issue in question/before the court up to the text of the federal Constitution and determine Constitutionality in light of the framers intent in 1787. Period! Thats it. Nothing more, nothing less. Their "empathy" will lead them to disregard the intent of the framers in most instances because of the limited nature of the federal government that was clearly intended in this document that bestows so very few powers upon the federal government. I have been teaching this long enough to know what you may be thinking at this point...yep...your thinking..."thats a dream world Bob, no one can do that". Let me introduce you to one of the very best justices...who can do it. No, Im not saying Justice Scalia is perfect, he is not. He is human...but let me show you how this is supposed to work. Watch it several times if you have to in order to understand what is being said. Its worth your time to get this down...and get it down good.

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