Saturday, December 29, 2012

How Important Is It For a Federal Congressional Office Holder To Have Command of The Operating Manual?

While speaking on the RadioFree Rocky D show a couple weeks ago, the radio show host Rocky D who is a staunch conservative himself...kind of asserted to me that its not important for a Congressional candidate to really have a great understanding of the Constitution because as he said, they can "look it up". I'm glad he went ahead and voiced that...sort of makes my point...or at least gives me the chance to drive it home.

Friends, I disagree completely. I agree that folks dont have to have it memorized....but my point is that the people we elect ought to have what I call a "command understanding" of the is enough for you or me or joe citizen to be able to pick up a copy of it and look something up. But for people we are going to elect to this high office and pay them a very large salary by the way...., I think the standard ought to be higher, much higher as a matter of fact. The individuals that we elect, we are entrusting a tremendous amount of responsibility to be faithful to the intent of the Framers of our Government. These individuals need to be able to have a complete understanding of the Constitution and the intent of the Framers...or how to discern the intent of the Framers. That is a "command understanding" of the document. If they are scrambling to look something up like a third grader everytime the libs are raping the document...they are going to be severely behind the power curve. Why would we elect people like that? Our standard for these offices ought to be much higher, as a matter of fact the absolutel baseline ought to be a firm grip on this "government manual".

This kind of thinking that we just say ..."oh yea...I know about the Constitution, thats that little booklet some citizen gave me a copy of while I was running for office" and then they summarily dismiss it like its some old piece of history. That has to STOP! If we are serious about getting our government back inside its "fence"...we can no longer give this lip service.

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