Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Deadly Cost of Fear

The following is a guest blog by my good friend and Constitutional Scholar, Michael Farris:

Do you want to know who is responsible for millions of babies being killed in the womb? Do you want to know who is responsible for at least $16 trillion in the national debt? It is conservatives (particularly Eagle Forum and the John Birch Society) spreading a message of fear. Here are the facts: 

Article V of the Constitution allows for two ways to amend the Constitution. Congress can propose amendments when two-thirds of both houses vote in favor of a particular text. The states can propose amendments when two-thirds of the state legislatures vote to call a convention for a particular purpose. At the Convention (properly called a Convention of States), the text is written. No matter how the text is proposed, then three-fourths of the states must ratify afterwards. 

The Founders gave us the state-based method because they knew that Congress would never propose any amendment that reduces federal power. 

Two of the most significant abuses of federal power are the killing of millions of babies by the order of the Supreme Court of the United States in the 1973 case of Roe v. Wade. It is hard to put anything in the same league as that deadly abuse--but the federal abuse of our children by incurring a massive debt that now officially is in excess of $19 trillion (and much more when you consider unfunded liabilities) is also extremely important. Our children's futures are being sold so that Congress can buy votes with current spending. 

The states responded to both of these outrages by calling Article V Convention of States. Since the subjects cannot be combined together, it requires 34 states to call for a convention for either purpose. 

On June 22, 1988 there were 19 state applications for a Convention to reverse Roe v. Wade and protect the right to life of babies. And on that same day, there were 32 state applications for a Convention to require a balanced federal budget. 

Since that date there have been approximately 21,442,131 babies deliberately killed in the womb. 

And since that date our national debt has increased by approximately $16.6 trillion. 

Why do I pick that date? That is the date that Warren Burger wrote a letter to Phyllis Schlafly president of Eagle Forum warning her that a Constitutional Convention (his inaccurate term of a Convention of States) could be a dangerous wide open affair that could not be controlled. 

It must be remembered that Warren Burger was the Chief Justice who presided over Roe v. Wade and voted in the majority to authorize the killing of babies. 

Based on Burger's letter to Phyllis Schlafly states started rescinding their Article V applications on both the right to life and the requirement of a Balanced Budget. And in several of state repealing documents, the opinion of Warren Burger is specifically cited as the grounds for reversal. And these are not just leftist states, very pro-life states like Idaho and Utah voted to rescind their applications based on the fears that Burger stirred up with the Phyllis Schlafly letter. 

This fear has killed 21 million babies. 

This fear has increased our debt $16.6 trillion. 

Moreover, if the Supreme Court had been reversed on Roe v. Wade through this method, there is absolutely no way they would have dared to legalize same sex marriage in 2015. We can add that horrific abuse of federal power to the list of consequences of fear. 

Using debt as the analogy, it is like we are inside a burning building but we are afraid to run outside because we might be hit by a meteor.

God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7. 

Yesterday, the ACLU and other leftist organizations used the Warren Burger reference to oppose the Convention of States. Their testimony is indistinguishable from the testimony we hear from Eagle Forum in Utah and the John Birch Society in South Carolina and other states. 

Please help spread this message. Those conservative organizations have helped evil triumph for far too long. 

It is time we use our sound minds and our love for innocent life and the future of our children to demand that state legislatures stop listening to the fear and lies from those who are responsible for so much debt and so many deaths. - Michael Farris

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