Sunday, December 20, 2015

Connecting the Dots for The American Church

I've been pondering the receding / retreating global missionary footprint of the American Church. Have we considered the impact of our out of control, burgeoning federal leviathan outside its Constitutional fence upon the mission efforts of the American Church? Bear with me for a minute...for those that will be honest with history, it is indisputable that your America was founded with the purpose of advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide. She grew into the largest, most powerful, and most prosperous nation on the face of the earth primarily due to Christian influence and Biblical principles of government and economics. That prosperity was used to launch the largest organized missionary works known to man in modern times. Bar none, America in the 19th and 20th century was the launch pad for more foreign missionaries than any other nation in the world. Unfortunately this history and truth has had little voice in America's pulpits.

That said, today, the foreign missionary works of major denominations that have led the way for decades are receding and in retreat due to lack of funding. Giving to foreign missions is on the downgrade. This is not an excuse for those that might have dropped off on their giving to missions, but it stands to reason that the growth of the federal leviathan has had a direct impact on giving. It would behoove the American Church to wake up from its slumbering funk and begin to connect the dots between the inaction and lack of engagement of the Church of Jesus Christ in America and the receding American foreign missionary footprint globally. Make no mistake about it...that lack of engagement by God's people in your country's government affairs has had a direct impact on policy's that have an indirect as well as a direct effect upon the blessings that we have taken for granted, in this instance the work of taking the gospel of Christ worldwide.

In this humble servants opinion, it is high time that Christian leaders begin to connect the dots between lack of engagement and direct loss of impact in the culture and indeed the world. It is not enough to begrudgingly prompt believers to go "vote". The time for encouraging folks to simply cast a vote is long gone. It is time for God's people to become like the men of Issachar in 1 Chronicles 12:32 and gain an understanding of the times in which they live. It is time for believers to understand who is making policy, what policy is being made, and begin to impact the making of that policy to the Glory of Almighty God!

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